Andrea Jones

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Illustrated Talks & Workshops


Andrea gives informal illustrated talks and workshops online via ZOOM.

Talks can be arranged for any time and are based on 'Remarkable Gardens', 'Garden Inspirations' or 'The Garden Photography Workshop', but tailored to the specific needs of your group.






Andrea offers morning, evening or lunchtime talks, as well as one or two-day lecture and workshop packages.


The packages will consist of an evening lecture(s) followed by a half-day practical workshop with a morning walk around the garden with a camera of any level.


This is followed by a chat and critique after breakfast. This works particularly well with 'The Garden Photography Workshop'.

'Thank you for presenting to the Nikon UK group this week. I love your work.'

Fred K. Florida, USA

Remarkable Gardens

A visual tour of 30 special gardens around the world

Andrea has enjoyed photographing some very special places in her 25 years of garden voyeurism. From the garden of a land artist who lives on the mountainside in deepest Brazil to the exquisite Japanese garden of a cottage owner in a Dublin.  An insight to the gardens of Buckingham Palace to the Prairie garden of Tom Stuart-Smith.  These will be gardens that have stuck in her memory for a variety of reasons - some are quite quirky and all have a tale to tell.  Some because of their innovative design,  some because of their personal triumphs, all of which she hope you will find fascinating and will inspire you! 

'The unsolicited feedback I have arrived after your talk last night has been quite wonderful. Everybody, and I mean everybody, thought the gardens you chose to illustrate were fabulous and presented so many ideas to us all. They thought, also,  that your photographs were exceptionally good and everyone had their favourite. Thank you so much for giving us all such a wonderful evening.'

Willie Anderson, Chairman of the Baldernock Gardening Club

Garden Inspirations

Based on Andrea's book, The Garden Source.

There is nothing quite like visiting gardens to get ideas for designing your own and in this illustrated talk Andrea hopes to show you many that will inspire and trigger ideas for your own or your clients. As a garden photographer Andrea has had more opportunities than most to visit not just gardens open to the public but some very private gardens too - and in many countries around the world. The range of styles in which gardens have been created is quite phenomenal.

The talk will include many illustrations and Andrea will look at many types of garden styles, including minimal, prairie, geometric, dry, landscaped, gravel, water, exotic, contemporary, modern, minimal, oriental and night. 

'This evenings garden photography gem was presented to perfection by it’s author Andrea, plenty to love about these images, and opened us to a whole lot of possibilities, and ideas during the presentation, thank you Andrea.'

James C. Nikon Owner's Club

Garden Photography Workshop

The Garden Photography Workshop

Based on Andrea's solo book, the talk brings fresh insights to photography basics and shares how to make the most of today’s photography tools—whether your camera is a smartphone or the latest DSLR.


You’ll find new ways to optimise light and colour and create a sense of place. Then get to know ten remarkable gardens and ( if the follow up *morning if required)  learn through hands-on lessons in observation,  story-telling,  composing and editing.  Learn to capture your garden at its magical best.

'I am still buzzing with enthusiasm today! The learning experience was far better than I anticipated and extremely enjoyable. All in all, I feel better equipped to take my compositions to the next level, I intend to put into practice what you have taught me. I can certainly use my camera better than at the same time last week.'

Ian Williamson, attended  'The Garden Photography Workshop' as featured by N  Photo Magazine: the 100% Unofficial Nikon Owners Magazine 

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Booking & Further Information

Andrea is very happy to travel anywhere in the world to talk to your group. She has use of an excellent Epson projector which she is happy to bring along to events she can drive to.  She’ll need a screen and a mains extension cable. Ideally a table or lectern and a microphone for her talks.


Please contact Alasdair for fees by telephone 01465 861150 or email Sadly rates are subject to VAT - not good for community groups we realise – but we have to obey the law!