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 In The Garden Photography Workshop, internationally known garden photographer Andrea Jones shares the trade secrets that make her photos sing. You'll learn the basic photography skills and tips on using a range of camera equipment, covering everything from DSLRs to smartphones and accessories. Profiles of real gardens from around the world exemplify the most common problems a photographer can face, like harsh light, wet weather, and cramped spaces, along with advice and techniques for addressing specific concerns. We live in a photo-driven world, and this helpful guide is a complete tutorial for anyone who wants that world to be filled with beautiful images of gardens and plants.

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Why Photograph Your Garden

One of the most rewarding aspects of gardening is sharing its beauty, both physically with those who visit and virtually with those who only see it on a screen. But capturing a garden's true essence is difficult, and often the moments worth sharing are ephemeral.


Getting Started

Getting to know your garden, how to plan and decide what to shoot.

Getting Started
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Pets & Wildlife

Although pets are great fun to photograph and wildlife extremely challenging, the rewards are huge. It's hard to exclude animals and birds in some shape or form from your garden, so why not include them in your garden story.


Mill of Fyall

Vale of Strathmore, Scotland.

How to create a visual diary for social media. Understanding histograms, contrast, and clarity.

Mill of Fyall
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Ard Daraich

Scottish Highlands.

Telling the story of a garden and its gardeners who use their garden as inspiration for art.

Ard Daraich

Coyote House

California, USA.

How to photograph mixing natural and artificial light, and how to document design: before and after.

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Using Colour and light to reveal a garden's character, and how to get detail in the shadows.

Coyote House

Finca Vida

Southern Spain.

How to create your own garden story and compose your own images.

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Finca Vida

Ann Stafford

Cayman Islands.

Compiling botanical records in a tropical garden.

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Ann Stafford
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Lyn & Ralphs

Washington state, USA.

Editing and archiving your photos. How to create a photographic patchwork quilt.

Lyn and ralphs
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Oregon, USA.

How to capture the style of a garden and play with depth of field.


Nara Japanese Courtyard

Dublin, Ireland.

How to photograph close ups, and getting perspective correct.

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West coast of Scotland.

How to capture winter weather, and creating a slide presentation and photo books

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